Our Story

For over 40 years, Smith Aerial Photos has led the field in aerial photography.  Now with the merging of Aerial Visions and Dillon-Reynolds Aerial Photography into the Smith Aerial family, a myriad of expanded services is available.  Smith Aerial Photos is without question the industry leader.

Our Approach

Smith Aerial Photos has established the standard for photographic services in the Southeast.  Whether your needs are for error proof documentation of construction progress, spectacular marketing shots, digital imaging or any of many other photographic specialties, Smith Aerial Photos has the experience and resources to provide the best.


Aircraft utilized in the production of aerial photographs are all owned by Smith Aerial and maintained under Smith Aerial supervision.  The aircraft include two Robinson R-22 Beta helicopters and two Cessna 177B fixed wings.  The R-22s are used for low  altitude aerial photography, usually below 1000 feet.  The Cessnas are employed in the production of high altitude photography such as  verticals, scaled and unscaled.

One helicopter and one fixed wing are located in both Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, providing customers unmatched response to flight requests.



Fort Lauderdale / Miami

Sales, Flight Crew, Lab and Administration services for all locations are located in Fort Lauderdale.  The Fort Lauderdale office services all of South Florida.  Personnel include inside and outside sales, pilots, photographers, lab, digital imaging, shipping and administration.